Experience + AI


Cleara combines the best of both worlds—deep industry expertise and traditional data approaches with next generation insights from IBM Watson®.

Facial Recognition

With just one visual imprint, we can apply cutting‑edge artificial intelligence designed to undeniably confirm whether or not an individual is a known offender with a criminal history.

How it Works:
Mobile Application

  • Center your applicant in the viewfinder.
  • Wait for the green light confirmation, then take the picture.
  • The app pairs the photo with name, address, and sex of the applicant.
  • The database results will indicate CLEAR or a REPORTED OFFENSE.
  • A final report is generated.

Cleara’s facial recognition technology gets more intelligent as its used. Criminals may lie about their identity, but with data powered by AI we make sure they can’t hide.

High-fidelity Background screening

Non-Registered Database

Cleara can locate offenders who have not been reported through traditional county, federal, and national Sex Offender Registry (SOR) databases. In many instances individuals accused or convicted of crimes show up “clean” in conventional databases. Cleara’s non-registered database brings higher resolution to background screenings, giving organizations superior confidence in their applicants’ record.

Uncovering Dishonest Acts

Name Change Identifications

Cleara can uncover name changes for fraudulent or deceptive purposes to protect organizations from financial or reputational harm.

With the use of proprietary software, Cleara has created a System of Records database. We investigate name changes in thousands of courthouses across the country until we have fully vetted and verified all dual identities.

Mapping Event Lifecycles

Data Lineage

Data lineage is a way of capturing an event starting with its moment of origin and continuing through its historical journey. This crucial information reveals data influences such as: changes, updates, or points where it might merge with other data along the timeline.