A smooth transition with Cleara

A large background check wholesale provider is leaving the wholesale business on 6/1! If you’re an existing wholesale customer, you may be in the process of selecting a new data provider(s).

Cleara is an independent data wholesale provider that can seamlessly support all of your data needs.

Cleara offers a modern and flexible platform, backed by 85 years of successful industry experience/expertise from our leadership team. At Cleara, we are flexible and quick to implement custom changes, while providing attention to detail and strong customer support.

Cleara Highlights:

  • We are privately owned and we are here to stay with you as your partner
  • We give you the attention you deserve, always
  • Consultative approach with direct access to our many industry experts
  • Custom solutions, no red tape
  • Discounts if you transition to Cleara
  • Flexible payment options; flat rate, transactional, subscription

Transition to Cleara in 3 Easy Steps

  • Contact Joe Davidson, CEO, at jdavidson@cleara.com to schedule a short 30 minute call

  • Gain access to our sandbox and try our solutions + consult with our Backgroundchecks.com transition team

  • Review Cleara proposal, which includes special new client pricing and a seamless transition approach