The New Normal

While we do not know what the post COVID-19 world will look like, we believe we are currently witnessing an accelerated range of inevitabilities that will define our industry long after the pandemic has subsided.

Lean Cost Structures

Cost pressures have never been more pronounced. Getting to a new and leaner cost structure is, and will continue to be, one of the top priorities for our clients.

Our leadership team has over 85 years of industry experience in large corporate, small and medium business pre-employment and multifamily housing space. We work with our clients in a true partnership manner to remove excess work, work smarter, and wring costs out of the supply chain.

Flexibility to Pivot

Market dynamics are rapidly changing. Flexibility has become essential. Out of the box, Cleara has the flexibility to pivot with the changing needs of your business and clients. We understand multiple users and unique verticals require customized solutions.

Cleara pre-processes information saving you time and money, and reduce errors. We continuously collaborate with our clients to reduce costs and improve results.

Success Through Innovation

The companies that will thrive in the post COVID-19 world will be the ones that expertly apply new innovations to offer new solutions to clients, and capture step-change reductions in their cost structures.

Through partnerships with leading technology firms, Cleara is delivering unmatched value to clients

Examples of Cleara’s Innovations include:

  • Bringing Sex Offender Facial Recognition to market
  • Customized case adjudication through machine learning
  • Using AI to automatically process millions of additional non-registered data, finding untapped data sources that contain information on offenders who do not appear on any registered databases.
  • The development of a unique and innovative application that rapidly checks a person’s identity through facial recognition, review of government-issued ID’s and other automated algorithms.

Cleara has partnered with IBM Watson® to help fill in the current and inherent gaps found in all wholesale criminal providers’ coverage.