Over 85 years of industry experience.

Over 85 Years of Industry Experience Cleara’s leadership team’s experience spans large and small corportate clients, pre-employment, and multifamily housing spaces.

We understand the disconnect.

Wholesale providers and their users often suffer from a disconnect because of the way most CRA’s apply raw data from courts and law enforcement.

Our leadership team knows how to close the gap with tailored, relevant, and specialized solutions. Cleara delivers pinpoint results at lower cost across every corner of the sector.

Joe Davidson

As a screening-industry veteran, Joe brings more than 2 decades of experience in pre-employment and multifamily housing screening as well as screening technology. He has served on many state and local public policy boards.

Tom Hier

Mr. Hier is a seasoned professional who has spent over 20 years serving the screening industry in capacities ranging from Operations Manager to Sales Executive at organizations including SafeRent, CreditRetriever, TransUnion, First Advantage, Experian, and Innovative Enterprises. He is an active member of the National Consumer Reporting Association and the Professional Background Screening Association.

Larry Hector

Larry is a skilled technology officer with nearly 3 decades in software engineering and architecture experience. He also spent over five years working with criminal investigations and disposition data for the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigative Division.

Marine Oganezova

DIRECTOR OF QUALITY ASSURANCE 326415CD-349C-4787-96CE-2C564E215898
Marine is an industry professional who brings more than 20 years of experience in data integrity, quality assurance and database management system functionality. 14 of her 20 years of experience are in data operations for the background screening industry.

Katie Douglas

VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS 326415CD-349C-4787-96CE-2C564E215898
Katie brings over 18 years of experience in the background screening space and oversees client and implementation operations as well as account management. She is an active member of the Professional Background Screeners Association and National Consumer Reporting Assocation.