Product data sheets.

Nat-Crim Multi-State
Instant Criminal Search

Cleara maintains the most powerful nat-crim, multi-state, multi-jurisdictional, multi-county search in the industry consisting of over 1,000 unique sources and 650 million records.

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Nationwide Sex
Offender Search

All sources in the DOJ Sex Offender Registry, including all 50 states, Washington DC, U.S. Territories and Native American Tribe registries of registered sex offenders.

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County/State Criminal Records Searches

Felony and misdemeanor criminal records at a specific county. Cleara utilizes a combination of electronic access to courts and a proprietary, tightly controlled network of in-person court researchers to retrieve county criminal records. State-specific central repository searches, where available.

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Address Locator

Provides information from a credit bureau on an applicant’s current and past addresses based on applicant’s SSN. Used by Cleara for jurisdictional development to determine the counties, states and federal districts to search based on address history.

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Instant Eviction

Accurate and smart instant eviction searches. We deliver peace of mind and reduce false positives by reviewing eviction records against Cleara’s robust address history file.

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Real-Time Eviction Validation

Real-time validation of public records. We deliver deeper, more sophisticated tenant screening, and help you maintain “reasonable procedures” to assure maximum possible accuracy in consumer reporting.

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