Solutions: Facial Recognition/ID Verify

Biometrics delivers the
next level of confidence.

CLEARA’s Facial Rec/ID Verify can locate offenders who show up “clean”, or have not been reported through traditional county, federal, and national Sex Offender Registry (SOR) databases.

Facial Rec/ID Verify Delivers Confidence
  • CLEARA employs next-level identification technology to verify government-issued photo IDs
  • AI establishes a visual facial imprint and determines if an individual is a known offender with a criminal history

Deliver higher confidence in employment screening, volunteer screening, tenant screening, and many more use cases.

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Customer Example

Site safety for campuses.

Campus visitors come and go daily across schools, universities and businesses. Our client is concerned about the risk of sex offenders gaining site access.

Cleara at Work

Cleara’s solution.

Cleara’s Facial Rec/ID Verify solution compares a facial print with the Sex Offender Registry. With just one visual imprint, we apply cutting-edge artificial intelligence designed to detect if an individual is a known sex offender. Our client gains peace of mind knowing they are going the extra mile to help ensure the safety across their campuses.

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