Markets: Volunteer Screeners

Better background checks lead to safer communities.

Volunteer background screeners have a special duty to protect our communities, especially when volunteers have access to children, patients, elderly and other vulnerable individuals. Cleara understands this duty and is committed to delivering the industry’s strongest screening solutions, including innovative solutions leveraging proprietary data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Volunteer background screening products.

Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Data

Nationwide Sex
Offender Search

County/State Criminal Records

Address Locator

Database (NRD)

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Customer Example

child safety.

A large youth soccer league is concerned about the risk to its young athletes if a volunteer or coach has been accused or convicted of a crime but are reported as “clean” in a traditional background screen. This responsible sports organization wants to go deeper to protect children.

Cleara at Work

Cleara’s solution.

Cleara is applying AI-based Cognitive Screening which expertly searches over 250 million news articles, social media and other unstructured records to identify information and additional data points to enhance child safety.